Geese flying over head, ducks cupped and committed, a pheasant cackling from the woods, your gun raise, finger ready to pull the trigger, your retriever silently by your side waiting for your command. Sounds like paradise right?Welcome to the Central Region! The Central Region spans the central states of the US and Canada, from North Dakota to Texas. You can enjoy your own piece of this heaven by joining NARHA and/or a NAHRA affiliated club. We here in the Central Region are home to some of the finest waterfowl and upland hunting in the country. Not only is the Central Flyway and the Mississippi Flyway located here, but we also have some of the best upland hunting around, with North and South Dakota. We attract hunters from all over the country for Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge and Waterfowl. All the more reason to use a trained hunting retriever."Conservation of game through the development of trained retrievers" is the mission of NAHRA. We believe through breeding and training we can give you the best all round trained retriever possible.Young, old, experienced, novice, all are welcomed. The only requirements are the desire to have fun, ability to learn, and time to spend with our four legged friends.


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