Look at the picture of the three guys and four dogs. Do you see anything special? No? These four dogs and handlers have achieved something that no other dog has ever done in the Central Region. These are NAHRA’S Central Region Grand Master Hunting Retrievers Champions, 1,000 Pt dogs. To be a 1,000 Pt dog takes a very talented and gifted dog, a knowledgeable hander, partnership between said dog and handler that goes beyond what most of us know and a dedication most of us are unable to give. These teams have passed 50 yes 50 NAHRA Senior tests and have accumulated 1,000 or more points. Belle owned by Dan and Patsy Hove was the pioneer of the group as the first dog to accomplish this goal. Belle was a crowd pleaser and never saw a test she didn’t love. Abby, owned by Dan and Carol Tongen, a very gifted dog, passed her tests with ease and was NAHRA’S second 1,000pt dog. Following on Abby’s heels Chai owned by Dan and Patsy Hove was our third 1,000 pt dog. Chai is a dog that did everything with style and purpose. That brings us to our fourth dog Beamer owned by Fritz and Melisa Baier. Beamer is a stylish high powered dog that is a joy to watch. Sadly the central region lost Belle, Abby and Chai in last couple of years, all dogs are very much missed by not only by their families but by anyone that had the good fortune to see them run a test.


It is an accomplishment that isn’t easy to attain. As I have been told if it was easy everyone would do it. It is a big commitment, which involves many miles of travel, many hours of training, many dollars spent, personal time, talent and a never give up attitude. These handlers accept that challenge and meet their goal of having a GMHRCH.


You could be the next dog/handler team to join the ranks! Good Luck!