Regional News


Introducing NAHRA'S First Master Upland Hunting Retriever: Special K's Good Golly Miss Molly and Phil Hines.




The Following  have been  Nominated for the Board of Directors


President: Dan Hove
Secretary: Sue Snow
Member at Large: no nomination 
Alaska Regional Director:  Mike Hemmer; Graham Wood

East Regional Director: Bruce Butler; Paul Zurka


NAHRA Members, Club Reps and current NAHRA Regional Directors,

Please note that the election process for the NAHRA Executive Office Positions of President, Secretary, and (1) Member at large, as well as positions for Alaska, and East NAHRA Regional Directors begins November 30, 2015. In the past, RD elections have been led by those RD's in the regions in which the elections were taking place. Because of the possible conflict of interest, the NAHRA Board of Directors has established an election committee to hold these elections. The committee consists of the following individuals,

NAHRA Vice President Kody Bull,

Member at large Harry Williams,

 and West Regional Director Jennifer Hood.


Please Note: Regional directors may nominate Executive Office positions; only club reps of current NAHRA clubs in good standing may nominate Regional Directors within their region where elections are being held, i.e., Alaska and East Club Reps.

Nominations for both executive positions, and regional director nominations must be sent to Kody Bull at
starting November 30, 2015. Please see below for the dates regarding this election. Late nominations will not be accepted.

Central Region's 2015 High Point Dogs


Started- Firestorm's Right On Target 20 pts - Dan & Patsy Hove 

Hunter-Delta Marsh Firestorm Chase 10 pts- Dan & Patsy Hove   

Intermediate- Diamond Brookes Politically Incorrect 20 pts- Lee Yang

Raccon Rivers Blaze of Glory 20 pts-Scott Charles Kemble

Vermillion River Bob 20 pts- John & Amy Townsend

Senior-Tibberius Prairie Rose 140 pts- Paul & Rebecca Agranoff

WUR- Holizinger's Black Ice 15 pts- Todd Fuchs

MUR- Cedar Brooks Sureshot Atlas 80 pts- Travis Lund

Hurricanes Ruff Sailing 80 pts- Phil Hines

Special K's Good Golly Miss Molly- Phil & Karen Hines