Take the Hunt Test Plunge

It has a long, long, long winter. Let's break up with winter and start courting spring. It is time to shake off the rust and take the plunge into the hunt test world! By looking out the window it is hard to envision that first hunt test of the season is around the corner but in a few short weeks, May 10 &11, Skunk River will host the first tests of the 2014 Season. The first test is usually looked upon with anticipation, hope, enthusiasm, and maybe a touch of apprehension. It is always good to hang out with people as obsessed with dogs/training as we are and to see old friends. On the other hand you have those nagging doubts in the back of your mine. Am I ready, did I train enough, will I make my dog look like a fool, will my dog make me look like a fool? At the end of the day was it worth it? I would answer with a resounding YES! Good Luck, have fun and remember where those marks land.


The purpose of this blog is to keep people up to date with what is going on in the region. I am planning on blogging about each event that happens in this region as it is happening or soon after. Even if you can't attend you can read about it and be there in spirit.


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